The end of (was Gawker Media sued by Fred Durst for linking to sex video)

Update: Whoa, I take it all back. I just read Gawker’s post on being sued and I think Gawker is saying they actually hosted the video ouch! That was really stupid.

Gakwer says they took it down, but knowingly putting up a stolen sex video is well ummmm.. not a very good idea. I think Gawker could get dinged BIG TIME for this one. I mean, everyone knew the video was a stolen, so this the exact opposite of what i just wrote below this is HOSTING the video from what I’m reading! The message on Gawker to me looks like a plea for leniency will Nick be going up the river and taking Martha’s spot in the can!??!!? stay tuned I’m thinking Law & Order will be doing a episode about this in six weeksperhaps on SVU?

my first take on this:

Nick takes a lot of risks I would never consider taking on our blogs, however this lawsuit by Fred Durst based on Gawker Media linking to the sex video is just silly.

Linking to something is not the same as hosting something what next, we have someone who points out a crime in progress to go to jail for that crime? Linking is pointing it’s 2005 people, come on, we’ve settled this issue!

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