Memeroll: A Scanner Darkly Trailer

a scanner darklyRichard Linklater leveraged the animation techniques first pioneered by Bob Sabiston and Tommy Pollotta in their 14-minute short Roadhead back in 1998, in the existential Waking Life. Indie film fans were intrigued by that effort, however, not half as intrigued as scifi fans will be when they see the dementedly cool trailer for A Scanner Darkly, staring Keanu, Winnona, Woody, and Downey. The film is based on the a story by Philip K. Dick.

PlasticBoy sums it up “I try not to get excited about movies before I’ve seen them anymore, in order to avoid setting myself up for disappointment, but it’s hard to resist with this one.”

a scanner darkly 2 Xeni points out Rustmonkey Productionsalternate trailer for the film (still on the right) which they created for a pitch a couple of years ago:

May, 21, 2004: Pesco pointed pal Erik Davis working on the film:

View the trailer.

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