and the blogosphere splits into two…

Seems to me that the blogosphere is poised to split into two groups:

1. Those who believe that content owners and publishers have the right to not have their origional work altered IN ITS ORIGIONAL FORM.


2. Those who believe that once content lands on your desk(top) you are free to do with it what you will.

Of course, those two things are the same thing today. You are looking at in it’s origional form and you can change that origional form instantly. For example, you could write a scriptlike google has doneto change the content at

The Cory’s of the world will say it’s their content now and they can do with it what hey will.
The Calacanis’ of the world will say it’s our content, and if you want to alterate in a fair use kind of way go for it.

Of course, this situation is about people building *businesses* on top of the processs of the deconstructing content.

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