Wolf Blitzer gets “Crossfired” by NBA commissioner David Stern

Crossfired: When a live interviewer is made to look like a fool by the person they are interviewing.

Ever since Jon Stewart went on Crossfire and made the bowtie guy look like a fool, everyone seems to go meta on the talking heads. I was just watching Wolf Blitzer quizzing NBA stars and NBA Commissioner David Stern on race in the NBA, and the NBA’s supposedly “faltering” reputation.

Stern explained that there was no race issue at the Ron Artest brawl, and that Blitzer and his producers were just trying to come up with even more excuses to show the brawl video. Stern explained that they were up against folks like Blizter and CNN who were running the tapes constantly, and that their non-stop running of the tapes was the problem!

Later on in the program Blitzer talked about some of the positive developments in the league and Stern crossfired him again, saying something to the effect of I guess you don’t have any footage of us doing community workzing!

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