Getting adverposts right… and wrong.

I’ve talked about how people have not been clear enough in their advertising-style posts for the past couple of months. My main complaint was that when folks like AdRants did blog-post style advertising the user couldn’t tell they were ads because the advertisements were: a) in the same format of the normal posts, b) not clearly labeled on the top and bottom, c) were in the same font, d) were in the same colors, e) were not in a box, f) were not indented, g) were written by the blogger, and h) did not have a background color.

Steve over at AdRants to me it was a technical issue, and I believe that, but it has been a technical issue for him for months and he hasn’t fixed it. The result is when you go to his site and start reading you get to the end of a blog post and discover you just read and advertisementvery sneaky.

We just put an adverpost style advertisement on autoblog. It’s the advertisers copy, it’s clearly labeled, and it is in it’s own style (font, background color, box, colors, indented, etc). The result? It’s extremely obvious that it is an advertisement, but it is also very readable and it is performing very well.

So, we’re doing innovative things over here with advertisingbut being dishonest or shady is not one of them!

Click on this image to see how we are doing it, or just visit After our image comes the AdRants image in which you have no idea what is an advertisement and what is content.
autoblog adverpost
adrants adverpost

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