My Hero: Joshua Ian Calacanis

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Everyone has heroes. You might guess mine were Bill Gates, Bob Dylan, JFK, MLK, or any number of the folks I’ve written about on this blog before.

Truth be told, for me, it’s my two brothers Jamie and Josh. They have always stood by me and supported me when things got tough.

In Josh’s case he has also stood by the people of New York City as well. Here are some great photos of one of the true heroes of our time, Josh Calacanis, fighting the good fight. He might not be on the cover of Fortune, but I can tell you what he does is much, much, more important and brave then what I do every day. Running into a burning building to save livesamazing.

Every time I see him in photos like this I think about how on 9/11 I almost lost him. When the buildings were on fire and we didn’t know where he was I said to myself, “please God, don’t let him be down there. He’ll be the first one to run up those stairs.” His firehouse in Williamsburg was 10 minutes away from the World Trade Center. He missed being there by 15 minutes, and he lost a lot of friends that day. He spent the next month in “the pit” trying to rescue folkssadly, we all know how many people made it out that day.

These photos were taken by a New York Daily News photographer. Click them for larger versions.

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