t-Mobile hates Asurion too: “it’s a major rip off”

Months ago I wrote about how bad my experience with Verizon’s 3rd party phone insurance company Asurion was. You know when you go to the Verizon store for a phone and they say for $5 a month you can get a new phone any time you have a problem thanks to their insurance plan? Turns out that is a company called Asurion that provides the service. That company does a horrible job at customer support as you can see from the comments in my first blog post.

Asurion employees started posting obscene comments to the post, and some even tried to pose as thankful customers! Funny stuff, because all their flames only made the post go higher on Googleit is now the #2 result behind Asurion’s home page.

OK, now for the t-Mobile story. I go to get a new phone at the t-Mobile store in L.A. and the guy asks me if I want to insure it. He says it in a really low voice.

I asked him it’s Asurion.

He says it is Asurion in a depressed voice.

I ask him if he thinks they are any good because I’ve had a horrible experience with them.

His eyes light up! He says they are the absolutle worst people to deal with, everyone at t-Mobile resents having to offer the service to their customers, and that I shouldn’t ge the service because it’s a major rip off.

If the people selling your product hate you then you might want to think about what you’re selling.

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  1. I hate them too. They send out refursished phones that dont work and then want another deductable. And the t mobile rep in the store said they hate them too. I am on a mission to tell everyone I can wwhat a scam they are.

  2. just experienced the asurion screw, felt as if i had just entered a maximun detention center in the deep south and did a shower scene with the natives. This is Corporate America at its best. Buyer Beware and please spend a good part of your day covering your ass and finding and reading the fine print on the terms of use for this Company. When profit over reason and fairness floats to the surface in the bowel, you end up having companies like ASSurion. Of course theirs insurance fraud for you and me and then theirs Corporate theft thats protected under the Corporate Bill of Rights, of these United Corporations of America…..

  3. Ok, We live and South Carolina, We had a little cell company called Sun-Com they were pretty good but I guess tmobile wanted to extend to the south, so inbetwen the switch I had a Sony Erricson W580i slider it was prety good phone, dont ask me why tmobile only offers one Sony Erricson phone though, oh well. ok so we make a claim that the keyboard stop working, and once you make a claim you have to go through a bunch of things to make sure the phone is lidgit so you have to actualy copy the barcode!!!! its been geting redicusoly latley, since thoughs towel heads crashed the towers…. but we got the phone it was a samsung blast, it seemed prety decent at first but we founed that really the only simulairtes were is that they both were sliders and asurion is supposed to give you a phone that is the same qualites ok here are the big differnces the sony had from the samsung number 1. the sony had a beter camera, 2. the sony had a beter music player. 3. its just way beter, so we called asurion, they did nothing, so trust me when i say Asurion is not even worth $5 extra dollars a month… and plus you have to spend extra to get the phone anyways, so in my opionion upgradeing would bet the better answer

  4. yes, I agree asurion is a BIG RIP OFF and the customer service sucks very badly! they got me pretty pist off and I don’t easily get mad but they got me extremely mad.. well what happened was that I had the insurance for 2 year and never used it until now, I bought a blackberry 8900 from t-mobile and it got wet with in a month it was pretty much brand new! any ways I contacted the asurion company online and opened a claim but it said I had to call the so I did they mad me fax in a affidavit so I did that was on the 29th of may then they called me back saying that they denied the claim because they entered the date that the phone was damaged wrong so they opened a new claim for me and mad me have to fax the forms all over again so I did the forth day they called me saying that my ID was not clearly visible so I had to fax it over again so I did they told me that I didn’t have to fax the other forms only the ID I was a little ticked off but I faxed it well I didn’t get a call from them after that so the third day I called to ask what was going on they said they had denied the claim because they didn’t receive the fax with the affidavit so I went off on the because the told me I didn’t have to fax it anymore finally they reopened another claim but I was still very mad because I had to fax everything all over again spend gas to go to the store and money to send the fax because I don’t got one. so I took the phone to this shop instead to try to get it repaired but they couldn’t there was to much damaged from water done. so I had no other choice but to get the phone by them idiots! but once I get it and make sure it works there is no freakin way I’ll keep paying them the $5 a month anymore I’m done!!

  5. i dont work for asurion or anything. but honestly you guys are being ignorent..
    first of all, what is it that you guys are unhappy about?
    this company gets you refurb phone but mostly new phones when i called them, with a 50 dollar deduction charge. i mean fist of all this company has to make sure that your not just tricking them iinto just sending them another phone all for nothing while some of you are just making false claims.in example insurence frauds. of course the company is gonna be a little questioning when your ordering a 300 dollar phone by only paying 50 dollar dectactable ONLY! so the company is taking a hit for 250! of course they will be like that. even if you are paying 5 dollars per month.. what is that 120 for the two years? so if you claim one phone. it costs you a total of 170! BUT YOUR STILL WINNING AND THEIR LOSING. and you guys are complaining about stuff like this?
    j.c made a comment about people blowing up the towers? i mean where does that come from when were talking about phones? some people are just ignorent and thats all there is. people yea they give you a hard time, but thats because they wanna make sure its an actual claim and not someone trying to rob them.. you guys are just lazy..

  6. I have cell telephone service through AT&T and decided to take their insurance on my son’s phone. The company that contracts to them is Asurion. Since my son’s phone had not been holding a charge well(12-24 hours/charge) over the last month I went to the local AT&T store and was given a card with no company name but a phone number to contact for insurance. My husband made the call, explained to the representative the problem and was told that the phone would be replaced, but the company did not have the same phone available (an LG Shine) and that we would be sent another model that might be a new or refurbished model. The model number was given, but I’m afraid that meant nothing to us since we were given no choice or time to research what we were being sent. My husband was then told that a $50.00 deductable would be charged to our phone bill.

    We were given no chance to find out what model we were to receive, we had never clearly been informed about the deductible and were taken totally off guard by Asurion. I was listening as my husband spoke with the representative and was horrified by the expense and immediately searched for prices for a replacement battery. After I found the battery for $15.99, my husband immediately called Asurion back. This occurred within approximately five minutes after hanging up from the first call (definitely in less than ten minutes). He was told that he could not cancel and that the charge was nonrefundable.

    I went on to call AT&T to complain about their service provider. The customer service representative from AT&T tried to assist me, going so far as to contact the company and carry on a three way call, to no avail. The same stance was maintained. Although AT&T offered to credit my account the charge I feel that Asurion gave extremely poor customer service. When I complained to the AT&T customer service representative about the poor quality of the company that they use to service their accounts she started the process for me to lodge a complaint. She came back on the line saying that she had located a number for a complaint service with Asurion. She put me through to talk to that representative who very kindly condescended to make an allowance and credit the money back to my account after I returned “without activating” the phone I would receive.

    I at that time expressed my dissatisfaction with their company policies and explained my intent to log complaints against them.

    I feel that since their site advertises “next day” shipment (I checked the site after the contact) and my call came within ten minutes of the order they could have assisted me without putting me through so much. They absolutely refused to provide assistance until I threatened to file complaints and blog about their company. This takes advantage of all other customers who are rushed into an expensive decision with no recourse who are either not willing or unable to complain bitterly. People should not have to waste time and energy and become distraught due to questionable company policies.

    I would like to see a change in the way customers are informed of what they are getting for the money they spend on insurance. They should be clearly informed that the phones they have insured will not necessarily be replaced with the same model, that the phone they receive may or may not be new, and that there is a $50.00 nonrefundable deductable. I also found out in the course of my conversations today that if some poor soul had two claims on this insurance within twelve months they would be dropped immediately. Asurion needs to make sure that all of their customers are clearly informed of these policies.
    By the way, I received a call from “the office of the CEO” at Asurion about 30 minutes ago. Am I impressed – not hardly. Send me a copy of major policy changes at the company and refund the money I’ve wasted on the insurance – that might help!

  7. I have a Blackerry with TMobile for my business.
    When the phone failed I called Asurion to get
    a replacement. They indicated the phone was
    not in stock and really gave me a hard time about
    probing them for more information. “We don’t
    know when it will be in” “We get boxes each day
    and have no idea what will be in them so we have
    no idea when you will get one.” “Sir, we have 30
    days to get you your phone and if we need to take
    that we will”

    I thought it was odd that they were so exceptionally
    hostile and pushy right out of the gate as though they
    are dealing with angry people all day. I (at this point)
    am not angry – I am simply filing a claim for the
    phone I’ve paid to insure for all of this time.

    45 days later they still had not contacted me. I
    called and asked why they were not keeping the
    terms of their contract. They said, “we know your
    type, you’re trying to get out of paying the

    Uh, no. I’m trying to understand why you put the
    contract in my face so aggressively when I first called
    but have not lived up to your end of the contract. “Do
    you have a procedure for people like me where you have
    not lived up to your end of the contract?”

    “Sir, I will not deal with you” Hangs up.

    Rude, rude, rude, terrible company.

    I call back a week later after I’ve calmed down
    and I ask for the address I could send legal documents
    to (as I plan to file a small claims court filing) and
    the lady said, “I cannot and will not help you with
    that” and hung up.

    I have called back three times and have been refused the
    address. I was able to find it on Hoovers.
    648 Grassmere Park Drive
    Nashville, TN 37211

    The CEO is Kevin Taweel and the President is Charle Laue.

    I think this is a great and legitimate business but Asurion
    should keep the terms they set when you sign up with them.
    It’s not like I set the terms – they set the terms, if they
    don’t like the terms they shouldn’t do business. This
    company seems to have some deep running ethical issues
    as defined by negative interactions with every employee I’ve
    contacted at every level of the company.

    I recommend you avoid them at all costs. The agreement you
    think you are making with them is not what it appears and
    it is unlikely you will receive the satisfaction you need
    for the service you are paying for.

  8. I have been with tmobile for years and last years and this year have been real bad for my children with there cell phones there phones were stolen and I needed replacement I was told that my son phone will be drop from the insurance because his phone has been stole to much twice in 12 months I guess the person who stole my son phone did no that. I am sick and the only way I can get in touch with my and daught is by phone and I live on a fix income and cant affore a early cxl feed and the insurance company drop his cover what am I suppose to do now.

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