Sundance Suggestions: Add a Comedy Grand Jury Prize (or why comedies don’t win at Sundance)

“Do we have a shot?” he asked, as he and his cohorts leaned forward in anticipation of my answer.

“You’re not going to win, but you still had one of the best films at the festival” is what I said to three members of the crew of the hysterical Sundance selection The Aristocrats right before the award ceremony started. They looked at me in disbelief.

“Why? How can you be certain?” they asked.

“You’re up against people in wheelchairs playing rugby, innocent people released from prison after 20 years, and a timely film on war.” I deadpanned.

“What does that mean? We made a great film!” they pleaded.

“Well, if you’re on the Jury, in front of all your peers, are you going to vote for 90-minutes of dirty jokes over such weighty fare? The Jury would look shallow if they didn’t recognize Murderball, After Innocence, and Why We fight.” I explained.

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