Some kudos for BloggingSundance

Just came across this review of BloggingSundance… we’re flattered, but truth is we just show up, wait in line like everyone else, and blog!

By way of example – i watched both the re-cap’ show on The Sundance Channel, and read Jason Calacanis’ daily blogs from Sundance. Jason’s was far more detailed, and more nuanced. So where do both of these media properties fall? The Sundance Channel is professional’ but biased (it’s their film fest after all). Jason isn’t a professional film critic, but he’s active and honest about both his likes and dislikes and his personal relationships with some of the filmmakers. Jason was shooting video at CES, and i watched that as well. He’s the kind of content entrepreneur that the networks should be concerned about – because i’d watch his take on Sundance over Entertainment Tonight any day of the week.

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