Sundance Shenanigans: Anthony Kaufman, Ruthe Stein, and the case of the missing jacketed seat.

kaufman at sundance 2005

I’m written a lot about the chumminess and good times in the press screening at Sundance, but eFilmCritic (never heard of them) recounts a story about a breakdown in the very well established mores at the press-only Yarrow One, Two, and Holiday One theaters.

It turns out Anthony Kaufman (right) from the Village Voice (who confirms the story on his blog) left his jacket on the chair before the movie and stepped outpeople do this all the time. It’s like digging out a parking space in Boston during a blizzardit’s your spot till the snow melts, or at least for a couple of days.

However, according to the story, Ruthe Stein from the San Francisco Chronicle moved his jacket and took his seatwhoa!!! When he returned shenanigans begin, and the ending, well you’ll have to visit eFilmCritic and Kaufman’s blog. Can’t we all just get along? Come on guys get a burger at Burgies and work it out.

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