Me, You, and Everyone We Know ))((, Sundance 2005 Review coming shortly.

me and you and everyone we know sundance 2005

Went to see Me, You, and Everyone We Know last night. I think it was my 18th, and perhaps last, film of the festival. It’s an endearing and unsuspectingly mesmerizing character-driven dramathe kind of film people search for at Sundance. The film works on so many levels, and people at Sundance have been buzzing about it all week so it’s appropriate that it is the last film I’ve seen.

Turns out the star, writer, and director, Miranda July (right), worked on the story along with me for Center of the Worldalthough we never met before Sundance 2005. From what I understand she consulted on the sex, and I consulted on the dotcom stuffsmall world.

I’ll have a full review up shortly, today I’m going to do some boarding and reflect on the films I’ve seen, before finishing up my final 10 reviews.


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