The Aristocrats, Reviewed at Sundance 2005; One of the funniest films ever made

aristocrats sundance 2005Note: This review does not tell the joke that movie is based upon, so you can read this review without worrying about spoilers.

The Aristocrats is certainly the most vulgar, and with the exception of South Park: The Movie, the funniest film I’ve ever watched. That’s particularly impressive considering it’s a documentary.

Directed by Penn Jillette and Paul Provenza, the doc tracks the origin, history, and cultural significance of the world’s funniest joke. The joke, which has been traveling around since the Vaudeville days, follows a basic structure which I won’t reveal in this review. Let’s just say it’s a platform on which comedians can showcase not only their style, but also the outer limits of their tastelessness.

Due to the offensive nature of the joke, it has remained within the inner sanctums of comedy for decades. It’s told in the back rooms of comedy clubs by comedians to comediansuntil now.

So compelling is this film that you can be sure that within the next couple of months people will be

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