Defamer’s Sundance 2005 Odds and Ends (sort of)

Since Team Defamer left the building, here’s a look at what my life would be like if I worked for Nick Denton (hey, it could happenevery time we go to Soho House he offers me that Gawker Media smack he got Lockhart addicted too).

Filed under “umm, we don’t actually know who you are” – the wife of a pitcher on the New York Mets (insert catcher pun here) reportedly made a scene at the Ludacris party at Harry O’s in an effort to get a prime VIP table. Shockingly, it worked and she joined other indie film legends Rocco DiSpirito and Carmen Electra for the show. In a related story, half a dozen directors who couldn’t get into the party enjoyed the unique d?r and smells at Burgies. NY DAILY NEWS

The New York Times continues their we-slam-the-ones-we-love-most Sundance coverage with a scathing review of the Sundance Channel’s Festival Dailies. NYTIMES

Some bigwig over at Netflix has forced James Rocchi to update his blog. He complies with what could be the first Sundance director email conducted via Blackberry from the back row of Yarrow One. The Puffy Chair Blog Interview

News flash Sundance films feature sexeven gay sex! Sex sells according to the first three words of this Reuters report, which goes all Mr. Skin on us, outlining the types of sex featured (including granny sex) in various Sundance films. Hey, what gives no time line or screen grabs?! Reuters

Local TV stations scores Sundance scoop: Parking in Park City is a Problem. Local TV station KSL TV has landed a major story that is sure to reverberate throughout the festival today. It seems that Park City might as well be dubbed “No-Park” City (Note: “Parking Lot” City was the pun runner up). In their 400+ word feature they reveal that the best way to get around isshockinglyto take public transportation. Satellite trucks from the major networks are on their way. KSL TV

So, do I get to guest edit Gawker or Defamer for a week Nick?

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