Dear Wendy at Sundance 2005; Blogging from the back row (Review will be up shortly)

dear wendy at sundance 2005

I’m in the back row of the Yarrow One theater in Park City. Yep, I’m blogging live from “the inside” during the controversial Dear Wendy. Not that it matters, blogging a movie live doesn’t make any sense. I just thought I would let you know that I stopped using a paper and pen and started using my laptop to take notes during the films.

Laptop note taking makes it so much faster when it comes time to write my review. I’m finding my reviews are much more detailed and longer this year because I don’t have to transcribe pages of notes, and frankly, I can type faster then I write. Also I can type without looking at the keyboard, so i don’t have to take my eyes off the screen while I’m typing (I used to win awards for typing in junior high-school, and I create 4.6% of my success in life to my ability to type so fast).

I haven’t seen anyone else do this, but no one seems to mind or noticejust as I planned by sitting in the back row. If only my Verizon EVDO card worked in the other two press screening theaters, then I would be able to post live from every movie like I can at Yarrow One.

Dear Wendy links: Official Site with trailer; IMDB Listing.

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