The Dying Gaul Reviewed at Sundance 2005

dying gaul at sundance 2005I had a chance during my time at Sundance 2005 to see The Dying Gaul, an excellent psychological thriller that takes place in Hollywood and an Internet chat room. Normally, having the Internet play a central role in a film is the kiss of death, but Gaul pulls it off thanks to amazing performances by Patricia Clarkson, Peter Sarsgaard (told you I’d give him a good review!), and Campbell Scott.

The film is directed and written by Craig Lucas, and is adapted from his theatrical version which from my limited Google research was performed in New York City in the late 90s (which probably explains the chat rooms central role).

Gaul is a classic love triangle thriller executed masterfully. This could easily bee a Hitchcock film if one removed a handful of modern day references like the Internet and AIDS.

Sarsgaard plays a screen writer who’s offered a million bucks for his masterpiece by a powerful studio executive played by Scott. The catch is that he has to change the gay lovers in the film to a heteroe sexual couple, something the studio executive thinks is worth doing for one million dollars.

Of course, it’s not that simple. The screenwriter has promised his lover, who recently died, that he would never change the film, and the studio executive is a closeted bisexual who, although happily

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