Sundance Solutions: Shut down Main Street to traffic, create bus lanes, and double the number of shuttles

These past couple of years the films at the Sundance Film Festival have been amazing. Capturing the Friedmans, Riding Giants, The Station Agent, Maria Full of Grace, Open Water, Napoleon Dynamite, Tarnation, Down to the Bone, Hustle and Flow, Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room, Murderballthe list goes on and on.

You couldn’t do a better job on the selection of films at Sundancethe films have been amazing. What hasn’t been amazing is what is going on outside of the theaters.

Life at the Sundance Film Festival is getting to be unbearable. The traffic this year was unbearable, with a trip from Sundance HQ to Main Street taking an hour at times! The terms for the obscene rogue branding, known as “BranDance” is causing an influx of people who have no

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