Palm Pictures and IFC Party pix from last night

Got to swing by the Palm Pictures and IFC parties on Main Street last night. These were two of the industy parties and were actually worth attending. There’s been a horrible influx of people to Park City this year who are not in the film industry and not even film fans. It’s amazing, I ask people what their favorite film at the festival is, and four out of five say “I haven’t seen any films yet.”

Clearly there are four or five times as many people here for the parties than for the films. The result? It takes an hour to get from Sundance HQ to Main Street, and even if you’re on the list for a party it’s impossible to get past the 100 folks trying to crash it to get to the door!

As I said, the old school folks are trying to figure out how to get around all this. The ironic part about this is that the films are stonger than ever, and it is actuallyand don’t say this to anyone elseeasier to get into this year! I went to eight and ten PM screenings for really solid films with buzz and they were 50-80% full. In past years there would be 100 people shut out. Seems that a large portion of the mob has moved from the theaters to the “BRANDance” parties on Main Street.

palm at sundance 2005 1
Bunch of cool pictures after the jump.

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