A year after Paris Hilton landed at Sundance, Defamer has joined the party

nap at sundance defamerPeople were wondering if the Sundance party scene jumped the shark last year when Paris Hilton caused a near riot on Main Street. Well, those fears have been confirmed with Paris actually causing police activity on Main Street!

A more ominous and darker presence has been felt by Park-City cinephiles: Hollywood snark-blog Defamer has landed. Let the apocalypse begin!

Seriously, it is an interesting development, as the day-to-day press at Sundance has been locked down by indieWIRE and Variety. The other press at the event consists mainly of movie reviewers getting a jump on the next year’s films.

Defamer’s tone is going to freak out a lot of the Sundance folks. The whole concept of the festival is supporting filmmakers and the coverage is 99% positiveeveryone here is a fan. Nothing as snarky and gossipy as Defamer has ever existed at Sundance, so we’re interested to see how their coverage develops.

So far their big scoop is a celeb spotting of Napoleon and Pedro coupled with as many posts about the sex scenes in the festival films as they can possibly spam the Google index with. It’s going to be fun watching this develop.

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