Hustle & Flow wins hearts, but with a $2.8 budget is it really an indie?

hustle and flow sundance 2004As you probably know by now Hustle & Flow got picked up for $9M, plus $7M in future movie deals. However, some folks’ inside chatter among the press circle and Dance regulars is that people here are really thrilled with world cinema and docs, but the highly-produced American dramas are a disappointment.

Hustle & Flow is a fine, entertaining rags to riches success story that is hard not to like. The problem is it’s not the type of film the hard-core Dancers want to see get a slot at Sundance. It’s just too polished, mainly due to the high-profile teen actors Anthony Andersen and DJ Qualls who play supporting roles in the film. As a side note, they were the two best things in the film, so those who were turned off by their previous work should consider that.

Hustle & Flow had a reported $2.8M budget, and that is what turns off the old-school folks I think. I mean, can you really call a film with a $2.8M budget indie? It’s certainly not a Hollywood

2 thoughts on “Hustle & Flow wins hearts, but with a $2.8 budget is it really an indie?

  1. Yes a movie with a budget of 2.8 million would be classified as a indie. What makes a indie film indie is that they don’t have production companies dishing out money too them, They have to raise the money all themselves, contact investors etc. If this wasn’t aindie film say a big production company produced it, it would of had a budget of like 10-15 000 000

  2. $2.8 as a budget for a film as polished at Hustle and Flow is not that big of a budget, especially as it was shot on film. Remember that lights, cameras, and film stock cost a lot of money, not to mention crew, power, locations, transportation for all that stuff, etc, all cost money, and that is before you get actors on board and start the camera rolling. After shooting, remember there is post-production as well, editing, film processing, transfers, etc as well. It is a sad but true fact that when it comes to feature length films cost a LOT of money, and a million dollars does not get you much when you have a feature length script that is getting shot on film.

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