The Digital Center at Sundance: Open to all, free wifi, and on main street.

sony and sundance

My favorite place to hang out at Sundance is the Digital Center on Main Street. They’ve got free broadband, tons of places to sit and relax, and the latest technology from folks like Adobe, Sony, Intel, HP and Panavision.

The tech firms at the center send their top folks to the event, so if you have some problem you can’t figure out with your camera or editing software they will sit there and help you. They also give free training classes on video editing and host panels (I was on the packed Docs & Blogs panel the other day!).

I just went to the Sony booth and learned a whole bunch about my new HD camera, and about the new stuff that’s coming out. Really great stuff. Check it out.

Best thing: it’s one of the few things at Sundance you DON’T need a badge for. That’s right, no door policy, anyone and everyone can come in.

The Digital Center is located on Main Street right across from the Egyptian Theater. Just head down the stairs and I’ll see you there!

avid at Sundance
canon at Sundance

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