Sundance 2005 Photos

airport pickup at sundance 2005

These guys were waiting when I got off the plane. It’s some sort of a marketing joke.
road to sundance
The road into Park Cityone of the most picturesque places I’ve been.

main street sundance 2005
Main Street in Park City is pure madness during the festival. Going five blocks might take 20 minutes, and forget about trying to find parking! Luckly there are larger lots 10 minutes outside of town, and free shuttle buses. I highly recomment taking the bus if you want to meet people or you need to get tickets. Just put a piece of tape on your jacket that says “need tickets” (I did that the first year I was here and I got a bunch!).

vw bug at sundance 2005
Convertable VW at Sundance (they give this to celebs to drive around!)
autographed vw at sundance 2005
Autographed VW from Sundance

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