Danny Kastner from the Apprentice has landed at Sundance ” now we can start!

danny from the apprentice

One of the fun parts about Sundance Film Festival is that because the event takes place at dozens of locations all over Park City you get to run into tons of people just walking down the street or grabbing a Starbucks. Some folks are famous, some are almost famous, and the rest are just normal folk here to see films, hit the slopes, and go to parties.

I’ll drop some pictures on the blog once and a while when I meet someone interesting or of note.

A couple of minutes ago, I ran into a cast member from the latest Apprentice. My girlfriend and I are fans of The Apprentice, so I noticed Danny, the annoying guitar playing guy and I asked him if he would talk to my girlfriend for a minute on my cell phone. Truth be told, by episode one at least, my girlfriend hasn’t been terribly impressed yet by any of the would be Trupeteers. However, we are eager to see if any of the Street Smarts or Book Smarts breaks out.

After he thanked her for all her support, Danny asked me for my card and continued to wander around like a lost puppy. Almost famous indeedI wonder if he’ll find funding for his film?

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