VW suicide bomber ad”should Autoblog have run it?

vw suicide bomber ad

There is a mini-controversy brewing over at Autoblog about our decision to not run the much talked about VW suicide bomber viral ad.

The adif you have not seen ithas a suicide bomber in a VW drive up to a cafe to murder a bunch of innocent people. When the Arab-looking man clicks the bomb he is blown to bits inside the VW, but the car and the people outside the car in the cafe are untouched. Get it? The car is so well-built that even a suicide bomber can’t destroy it. Ha-ha. get it?

I watched it when we got the tip the other day and I just thought “gee that was dumb and offensive to the people who have lost loved ones to around the world at the hands of suicide bombers.”

Dave at Autoblog made the call not to run itas I would have. I don’t tell our bloggers what to blog or how to blog, I trust them and let them use their judgment. If they make a mistake we talk about how we made it and we try to do better. That’s my management style for better or worse.

Dave made the right call for sure, we have nothing to discuss in this case. He could have gotten some extra page views and Google traffic if he ran the ad like other bloggers did. We were the first to get the tipI know this because I watched the other blogs post about it hours after we had the story.

I’m proud we didn’t run it, even if we gave up the traffic spike ad associated ad revenue (we probably would have made an extra $100 to $750 if we ran it based on our CPM and my traffic estimates).

You don’t have to run everything you get a tip on, and Autoblog has broken a million page views (not counting RSS) a month because people respect Dave and the brand. I’ll go for the long-term pay off over the quick Google traffic.

Well done Dave.

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