Microsoft not happy with Engadget coverage of Windows Mobile 2005

Looks like Microsoft is not happy with Engadget’s recent post about Windows Mobile which was generated out of a tip a reader sent in. I’ve submitted this letter to Chilling Effects, and I’m trying to figure out exactly what Microsoft has a problem with in this post.

I spoke to the attorney who sent the letter and she said she didn’t need to discuss this with me, nor did she have to prove she worked for Microsoft, to which I told her that I found it odd that Microsoft doesn’t want to discuss the issue when they have thousands of people blogging at their company, they are pro-blogger, and we cover them every day. I explained that since we have a very established relationship perhaps someone from Microsoft should just call me and explain what the issue is. She warmed up after that and said she would get someone from Microsoft to confirm they represent the firm in this matter (which is important since we have been getting fake letters like this), and perhaps even someone to discuss the issue.

I’ll keep you updated as we get information. Hey Scoble, what’s going on with this any insights? Would you have posted the story?

microsoft fedex to engadget

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