Autoblog breaks out…

It’s interesting, people are always comparing blogs to blogs, like we’re in some dogfight with each other. As Nick always says, we don’t even compare to the Matt Drudges and Slashdots of the world.

He’s right, but a funny thing happened the other day when I checked our logs and Alexa for Turns out we’ve been breaking 100k webpage views a day (that doesn’t count RSS of course), so I thought I would see where Autoblog was in Alexa compared not to the handful of car blogs out there, but rather the industry-standard automotive sites.

We’re not “beating” any of them of course, but after nine or ten months (and a five-figure investment!) we just snuck into the back of the packwhich is shocking to me considering some of these folks have been around for years and years. It really is a testament to one thing: the half-dozen amazingly talented and hard-working bloggers over at Autoblog.

Of course, we’re linking to the big boys all day long. We’re not competitive with them, nor do I think we will ever be. People come to blogs for the overview of the spacesort of like a more human version of Google News and Topix.netand then they drill down deeper at Motortrend and Autoweek. Which is exactly what people do over at and Google News. Automated overviews are great, and so are human ones. It’s Yahoo vs. all over again in some ways.

Some folks thought we were idiots for starting a blog about cars, video games and parenting. If this is “jumping the shark” then by all means call me Fonzi all day long!

OK, enough looking at the log files. Time to go back to what got us here: finding great bloggers and getting them paid to write about their passion (without selling out of course)!

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