The Nick and Jason show

Had a great time at the Defamer party last nightexcellent crowd. Of course, almost every discussion I have starts or ends with questions about who’s winning the blog empire wars. Empire that’s rich. Yeah, sure, right we both have “empires” that are so huge that when *combined* are still less traffic then DrudgeReport which has two employees!

Call me in 2006 or 2007 and I’ll let you know how close we are to an empire. Meanwhile, for the next 36 months or so, I’ll be slaving behind my twin 20 inch flat panels for 12 hours a day looking for the next great domain name and blogger!

It’s funny to me that while some folks debate the epic struggle between Nick Denton’s Gawker Media and Weblogs, Inc. sometimes they don’t even look at our blogs.

If they had looked they might have seen that Autoblog gave our exclusive photos from the Detroit Auto Show to one blog and one blog only: Jalopnik. Jalopnik, of course, graciously linked back to us. Their audience got some great exclusive photos and we got some traffic back in exchange.

A funny thing happened when Gawker Media launched Jalopnik: advertiser interest in Autoblog doubled overnight.

A funny thing happened shortly after Weblogs, Inc. launched Engadget: the number pool of advertisers who had advertised on a “gadget blog” grew by a factor of ten. I know for a fact that half of those folks who spent money with us first spent money on Gizmodo as well. I also know that we talked to every single on of the people who had advertised on Gizmodo.

I can’t wait till Nick launches competitors to BloggingBaby, Gadling, and Luxist, and I’m sure Nick would be thrilled if we launch a gossip or porn blog (maybe on the first one, no way on the second one).

Coke needs Pepsi baby. Coke and Pepsi.

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