My favorite day of the month: Blogger check day!!!

WIN checks

Today is my favorite day of the month: blogger check day! Every month the stack of checks gets bigger, and so does the amount of the checks. Makes me feel really great.

I really love the days when the checks come in too. However, the reason Brian and I created the Weblogs, Inc. Network was to compensate writers for writing about what they are most passionate abouthowever they wanted to. That is the key really, we don’t tell people what to write about and we don’t tell them how to write. We tell them to write and we work our butts off to support them and make money from their amazing work product.

If you ask to 100 writers what they write about for a living, and then ask them what they are most passionate about you’ll find that maybe 10 out of the 100 are making a living writing about their passion. At WIN 100% of people are writing about their passion, and if their passion changes we just make a blog about their new passion.

Imagine if for one week the New York Times told every writer to write about whatever they wanted to, in whatever fashion they wanted to. The result certainly wouldn’t be as organized and polished as the New York Times we all know and love, but it certainly would be more interesting!

That is what we are we try to organize, support, and monetize passion,

I can’t ever imagine being the editor of a print magazine again. How painful would it be to go into an office every day and tell people what to write, how to write, and beg them to get their work in on deadline.

I love my job every day feel like vacation!

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