Steve Jobs Keynote at MacWorld”Live!

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Right now is running live, minute-by-minute, coverage of the MacWorld keynote:

Steve Jobs Keynote

9:11am PST – Steve Jobs arrives on stage, starts talking up HD projection, he’s showing off their new Apple store in London, it’s their largest store to date, and the second grossing store they have worldwide.
9:14am – Recapping the year, the iMac G5 launch “The most beautiful desktop computer”. The best selling Mac they have.
9:15am – Mac OS X update, “The world’s most advanced operating system, 12,000 native apps, 14 million users. Tiger on schedule to ship first half of this year with 200 new features. Any process will be able to address 64 bits of memory.
9:16am – New Tiger features. Automator, collects and accomplishes routine tasks. Most important new feature is Spotlight, desktop search allows you to find anything. Photos, PDFs, docs, integrated into OS and applications.
9:17am – Microsoft will be building support for Spotlight into their Mac apps.
9:21am – Spotlight just instantly searched 250,000 files, can sort by people.
9:22am – Spotlight offers searching within Corbis images.
9:23am – Steve just crashed Spotlight photo viewer! “Well, that’s why we have backup systems here.” Force quit and recovered.

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