Congrats to Nick and Gizmodo on landing the Bill Gates interview.

OK, fine.

Some folks will think this is hard for me, but it’s not. Major props to Nick Denton and the team at Gizmodo for landing the Bill Gates interview (part two and three). There, I said itI feel so much better now! 🙂

Yes, I’m absolutely crazy that we didn’t get it for Engadget, but if I had to choose between Gizmodo getting it or it not happening at all I would defiantly chose the former.

The fact that Gates is so on top of blogging is huge for everyone trying to make a living from blogs. A rising tide lifts all boats, we all know that (hard to remember sometimes when you’re in the heat of battle).

Although I was pulling my hair out the other day over this, as well as Lockhart going to Gawker after I came this close (this close I tell ya!) to landing him and Curbed for Weblogs, Inc., I’m psyched for the blogosphereand for Nick.

Nick’s a pioneer in this space, and I’ve taken a ton of plays from his playbook (not to mention a free agent), and if we had to lose the big fish, losing it to Nick is OK.

Now, as a total aside: On the Lockhart front I love that guy and I’m really bummed about him not coming to WIN. Curbed was one of the best blogs to come out in 2004. It had the perfect branding, focus, writing, and market. Everything you need to make a great blog, and the traffic has proved to be significant for a local blog. With an Alexa ranking of 60-70k it is doing like 5-15k web page a day, 300-600k pages a month, in my experience. That’s amazing for a blog that is only seven or eight months old. So, I expect huge things from Lockhart at Gawker. Of all Nick’s moves to date I have to say this oneon a competitive levelmakes me the most nervous.

People seem to think Nick and I are in some crazy dog fight, but the truth is that Engadget and Gizmodo are sharing 50% of their advertisers (and we both talk to 99% of that same advertiser even if we don’t run the same ads). The fact that people get to pick between Coke and Pepsior drink both from time to timeis good for business.

This sums it up:
When I was picking up my press badge at CES I was standing behind a reporter from Rolling Stone. He was bragging about how he had a dinner with “Bill” later that night, and how Rolling Stone was working on getting Bill for a cover interview for the past couple of years. How amazing that Rolling Stone loses the interview to a blogthe times they are a changin’!

Nice job guys, and congrats Lockhartsee you on battlefield. 🙂

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