Unhealthy obsessed auto coverage…


is reporting from the Detroit Autoshow they boys set a record traffic day today (on a Sunday!), and I’m sure this will be the biggest week ever for Autoblog which is now getting 50k web page views a day (not counting a ton of RSS hits!!!).

Funny, someone was posting a note on another site that Weblogs, Inc. was just Engadget + 70 other blogs with no traffic. Crazy we’ve got almost dozen sites in or around the million+ pages a month club (HackADay, Joystiq, Luxist, Gadling, TUAW.COM, BlogMaverick, etc), and most are now in the 250-500,000 pages a month club. Engadget is our most successful blog hands down, but it is only 50% of our overall traffic. As we grow to 250 blogs Engadget might wind up being just 5-10% of our traffic at best! This is a great thing for Engadget since all of our other blogs and bloggers link to Engadget almost every day!

The network effect works both ways, with Engadget leading the Weblogs, Inc. Network, and the rest of WIN supporting Engadget!

OK, on to some more autoblog eye candy!

Jeep Hurricane Concept

2007 Saturn Sky
Smart Roadster

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