Harvard hosts “Blog” Conference… forgets to invite bloggers!

This is kind of funny there is a blog conference at Harvard, but people are railing on it because it seems there aren’t any bloggers invited.

I saw two bloggers on the list, Jeff and Dave, but it is funny to see a conference called “Blogging, Journalism & Credibility” that has so few bloggers and so many traditional media companies!

I mean Harvard is a huge place with a gazillion buildings. Why wouldn’t you just do this event Dave Winer style and have everyone come to it?!?! Seems Dave has problems with the event himself.

The guy running tries to explain the story here saying:

“We will surely not have succeeded perfectly; we are sharply limited by space and money; and we know that, unlike with the free, open events we host regularly, there will be people disappointed not to be invited to this one. (So, apologies in advance on this score.)”

You could easily just charge $100 per person and cover the cost of a bigger room what would be so hard about that? How about putting a note on your blog saying “Can anyone out there help us pay an extra $500 for a bigger room, or can someone at the University find us a bigger venue?” I’m sure you would get 100 responses in a week and solve the problem instantly. Seems like this is an elitest thing but, then again, what do I know about blogging, I mean you wouldn’t want to waste a spot on folks doing blog businesses like me, Nick, or Rafat when you could have traditional media companies there right?

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