Gadling’s First Podcast: Eric Stiller author of “Keep Australia on Your Left”

I’m really excited about audio and video as many of you know. I’m not sure our podcasts or video segments are going to make money any time soonjust like blogs didn’t make money a year agobut I *know* our readers are loving them.

It’s a good investment for us to get these experiments going now, a year before they start to make money, so that we can answer all the questions that come along with trying to produce personal content that is of professional qualityon a nickel of course.

stillerWith that, I’m thrilled to annouce that Weblogs, Inc. has started it’s second podcast (Engadget was the first of course), by our engaged travel site

The first installment has a one-on-one interview with Eric Stiller (right), author of the book Keep Australia on Your Left. The podcast was produced by Eric Rice and is hosted by blogger Erik Olsen. Great job guys!

Check out the podcast here:

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