What you would do if you ran Google? – Win the crazy glowing Google Radio thingy!

Google radio

The good folks at Google sent me a really cool glowing AM/FM clock radio as gift, and since we don’t like to keep gifts here at Weblogs, Inc. (that whole “ethics” thingy) we’ve decided to give it to one of our readers in a joint contest with Engadget.com.

Now, you can’t buy one of these, it can’t be found in stores at any price (as least that we know of!). You could probably turn around and sell this bad boy on EBAY for 20 large and finally get out from under (or not).

So, the reader who comes up with the best answer to question “what you would do if you were in charge of Google?” will get this bad boy.

Brian and I will use our judgement, or sick sense of humor, to judge a winner. All decision of the judges are final, so don’t go emailing Sergey or Larry and start complaining.

The fine print: Any ideas implimented by Google will result in a royalty payment of 5% to Weblogs, Inc. just kidding. Think outside the box like maybe Google should buy Tivo, fund a trip to the moon or do something crazy like mmmmm. launch a browser.

Please post your answer over at the Engadget.com contest where there are already dozens of good ideas! More pictures of the crazy glowing Google Radio are over at Engadget!

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