Vibrant Media kicked out of Avenue A/Razorfish

After getting kicked out by Forbes due to ethical concerns of the editors, Vibrant Media is now getting kicked out by clients and major interactive agencies because of a lack of performance:

When Avenue A/Razorfish turned to IntelliTXT in October for a major telecom brand’s direct response campaign, the advertiser was disappointed with the results, and cancelled the planned one-year run after just a month, according to Lisa Bronson, media supervisor at the agency.

“It was great originally. The CPC was set lower than what we usually average out for a search campaign, and there seemed to be a decent amount of inventory. But we got a ton of clicks and no conversions,” Bronson said. “Our feeling was that it was too much of a novelty. It’s a really interesting concept, but it seems that consumers aren’t used to seeing advertising served in that manner, or they’re not in the frame of mind to purchase.”

It’s funny how the CEO keeps trying to say how great the software is and how many major publisher are using the software. OK, sure Doug why don’t you publish that list of “major” publications?

I think I know why that list isn’t on your site and I think you know why to.

The only place that seems to admit they run Vibrant Media’s software is I’d never heard of before today, but their site look like it has like 20-40 advertisementsper page! I couldn’t even tell you what is editorial on this page and what is an advertisement. Vibrant Media should be very proud of themselves for landing and loosing Forbes and Avenue A/Razorfish.

The author of the piece at ClickZ, Kevin Newcomb of ClickZ, did a great job of getting Avenue A/Razorfish to go on the record like this. It’s rare that an agency would come out against a technology like this. In fact, I’ve never heard someone be so direct like this. Big ups to Avenue A/Razorfish.

Keep pushing Kevin, you’re onto something. You should really point out that Vibrant has no major, respected editorial brand using their software. Get that list of200+ clients they claim to have landed and bet you it is all c-Level, obscure, and editorially questionable sites. I bet you that after you publish that list a bunch of those sites drop the software.

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