HackADay Helpers…

hack a day

We’re looking for a few good hackers to help with HackaDay.com.

If you’re one of those folks who likes to take things apart and make new things drop us a line. We can get you a little extra scratch to help you fund your spare parts budget.

Take a look at HackADay’s sections to get an idea of what we do. We’re looking for folks to do hacks and to find good ones and write about them.

aibo hacks
cellphones hacks
digital cameras hacks
gameboy hacks
gps hacks
handhelds hacks
home entertainment hacks
ipod hacks
laptops hacks
macs hacks
misc hacks
pcs hacks
peripherals hacks
playstation hacks
portable audio hacks
portable video hacks
robot hacks
tablet pcs hacks
tivo hacks
transportation hacks
wireless hacks
xbox hacks

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