SuprNova Exeem: The future of Bittorrent


shut down today, and torrent freaks everywhere cried in their coffee. Of course, a new flavor of Bit Torrent will be up and running shortly called SuprNova Exeem according to reports.

Watching the cat and mouse game for years it is obvious that the more the industry tries to crush user’s desire to download movies and TV (forget about Mp3), the more solutions the global network of hackers out there create. Every time the solutions get more powerful and harder to stop.

At this point the TV and film industry needs to allow people to download TV shows for $1 an Episode, and maybe $10 for moviesprovided the user takes the time to burn the DVD.

The price of DVDs are not the problem, when you can get them is the issueas many have pointed out.

I have to say Bittorrent is amazing not for the technology, but because of the simple feature of letting users easily share folders of information. You can download a season of Alias in one click, or every Rolling Stone CD in one click. I’m not saying this is right, but clearly there is a market for it and I think that the folks in Hollywood need to start selling (at a decent price point) and stop fighting with the customers.

Also, while I’m on a ranting, please stop doing stupid things like deleting my movies and TV shows off my Tivo. It’s only going to send me underground! I’m paying you $100 a month for my dish and Tivowhy would you screw with that? Users don’t need Tivo or a dish anymore every TV show is online today with the commercials taken out. Why are the pirates getting a better shake then the paying customers?!?!?! Wake up Hollywood! You’re training people that paying for content gets you less features and flexibility then stealing content!

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