Sundance 2005 here I come!

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I’ll be heading out to my fourth Sundance this year, and for the second time I’ll be blogging the event at

As an additional treat I’m going to speaking at the festival about blogging and documentary filmsI feel really honored to be asked back again to speak, and blog the event!

Last year I was able to interview and report from the field as a one-man, non-stop blogging machine. I think I saw 15 films in six or seven daysit was great!

This year I want to do even more, but I need some help. I’m looking for folks to help me document the festival. My main goal is to get exposure for the first-time Directors at the event. Even though you hear about a ton of films coming out of Sundance, many of the Directors get forgotten by the press. It’s not the fault of the press of course, they have to focus on the break out films that get bought, I understand that.

However, blogging gives us the ability to give everyone a little coverage. My hope is that in 10 or 20 years people will be able to go back to the free archive and hear from the film makers who slippd under the radar.

I’ve got this obsessive complusive disorder that makes me feel like if I don’t document all the amazing stuff at Sundance that it might not get documented at all.

So, if you love film like I do and you’re going to be at Sundance and want to help me drop me a line and perhaps we can work together to document the festival.

My goal for this year? I’d like to interview every single director at the festival!

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