Seth Godin’s Blog Disclosure (or “Blog Ethics Round Two”)

Seth Godin has joined us in putting up a blog disclosure statement. Nice job Seth! (you still owe us a post on BzzAgent!)

If you check out our B2C blogs you’ll find a statement at the top saying we are not in the take. We did this like six months ago when we saw that big wacky guy in San Fran working with that no-name company in Canada trying to blur the line between posts and PR. Not to mention the BS-agents over in the Hive who are training people to not only mistrust blogs and message boards, but also their friends and family!

This is *exactly* what I thought would happen, but in the end the good guys will win because users will begin to expect a blog disclosure statement. Heck, soon readers may be looking for a “Blog Ethics” button before they invest their reading time in a blog! 🙂

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