We need bloggers! (or “my manic life”)

We’ve been growing really fast over here and even with my seven day a week, 20-hour day manic life. To give you an idea of my life right now I’m in Seattle for 36 hours, after 48 hours in NYC, after 72 hours in LA, after 72 hours in San Fran, after five days in LA, after 13 days in China, after , after, after

Thank God I found Judith, who’s totally saved my life in terms of helping me find great bloggers to join the network. Right now we need about 12 bloggers to do anywhere from 50 to 150 blog posts a month (really up to the blogger), so if you’re looking to fill your Paypal account drop me a line. We’re looking for people to blog about:

Just fill out the form here and Judith and I will get it and get right back in touch with you.

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