The Doc-ster is in.

Doc write an explanation of his comments in Steven Levy’s Newsweek column in which he *may have* said that people who blog for money are in it for the wrong reasons.

I have mixed feelings on this one. I agree that people should blog because they have passion for the topic, but I don’t think it is realistic for many people to work for free for some extended period of time. Some folks are not so rich that they can do whatever they want, some folks have rent, kids, cars, etc.

Our goal at WIN (the Weblogs, Inc. Network) has been to pay writers as much as possible so they can spend more time on blogging.

Today Doc makes it clear that he didn’t say what was quoted in Newsweek. Now, I know Steven Levy so he is a tight journo and I don’t see him mixing up a quote so bad this seems to be a case of something getting LIT (lost in translation).

Frankly, I didn’t need an explanation from Doc. Doc’s good people and I read his blog. I’ve talked with Doc at a couple of conferences, in fact I explained the concept of WIN to him at PC Forum last year and he loved it.

So, no harm, no fouleveryone relax.

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