Hitting 100 blogs in year one…

Well, we’re getting close to the end of our first year here at Weblogs, Inc.

We officially started on January 1st 2004, and in that time we’ve launched over 65 blogs and it looks like we will hit around 75, not the 100 I set as a goal when we started.

However, the main reason for us not hitting 100 is that we decided to shift our strategy from niche blogs (i.e. scuba or cigars), and instead do bigger category blogs like Gadling (travel, with a scuba section) and Luxist (luxury, with a cigar section). In truth we have about 225 sites across the 75 blogs, but the numbers don’t really matter, what matters is that we’ve built out an amazing team that is creating amazing content with an amazing community behind it.

Next year I think we will hit the 200-300 we had a planned, but at this point we’re not even thinking about the total number of blogs just the quality of them. If you want to see what’s up next check out these three (one, two, and three) coming out later this week.

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