Vibrant Media kicked out on their ass by Forbes CEO Jim Spanfeller (or Ding dong the Witch is dead!)

Brian Morrissey, formerly of Silicon Alley Reporter, gets the scoop on Vibrant Media getting kicked out of Forbes. As you all know I hate this companylike really hate them.

Basic idea? Vibrant Media puts their ads into the keywords in a story. So, if you were reading this it would have all kinds of links trying to get you to buy something. It’s tacky for sure, but it will have a chilling effect on editorial because editors and publishers will start looking at how many keywords writers put in their stories. They will see exactly how much money each post makes, and they will push writers to high-kyword value stories. It’s just a mess also, it creates mistrust with the users. Users will read stories and think that the writer mentioned the word mortgage just to make $5 every time someone clicked it. Really bad stuff evil in fact.

The CEO of Vibrant Media wont even respond to my posts! Talk about a loser they just sit there and don’t defend themselves. That is just sad, then again what they are doing is not defensible.

Turns out Forbes is tired of the non-sense and they kicked out Vibrant Media. Way to go Forbes!!! I love you guys!

Check out Doug trying to spin his toss:

“This is going to be a prevalent ad unit in the future,” said Doug Stevenson, Vibrant Media’s CEO. “It just takes a bit of time to get comfortable with it. Over time, we will get IntelliTxt running across all the major sites.”

Yeah right sure you will Doug. You’re going to be relegated to the lowest of the low sites along with spyware, popunders and spam. That is your crew you’re no better then them.

What is wrong with you guys anyway!??! Don’t you have any respect for writers?!? The editors at Forbes objected to your concept. They did not accept it. Doesn’t that tell you anything?!?! Why don’t you just stick to putting your ads on the side like Google Adsense does?!?!

The story is best summed up with this one quote:

The links were removed after editors objected to the appearance of advertising influencing editorial decisions.

Vibrant Media is going to implode because editorsreal editorswill never let this technology stand. Real editors will walk out the door before they pander links.

Way to go Forbes, you did the right thing.

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