Alexa followup; US sites spike because of China blocking + How would you make Alexa better?

alexa logoSo, I got an in at Alexa/Amazon and they gave me a some details on the recent spike a lot of folks have been seeing.

The theory right now is that the Chinese government has been blocking a bunch of top websites causing their pageviews to nosedive. As such those websitesChinese language onestook a major drop in the rankings. Their drop means the other (read US sites) spike. Assuming the Chinese government lets people back on those sites in a couple of weeks we should see all the US sites drop back down.

Now, what Alexa should really do is have multiple indexes that let you sort sites by language. Sure, I’d love to see all the blogs in the world on one list, but when I’m looking for businesses reasons I only care about the US sites.

Alexa is an amazing free service, but it needs a lot more transparency. I’m working with some of the folks over there to make some suggestions, so let me know what you want from Alexa.

How would you make Alexa better?

Here are some major sites in China. I guess the big players were not so affected by the downturn/police. Anyone have examples of Chinese sites that took a dive recently?

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