Ron Artest and Pacers done for 2004/2005

Even in China they are talking about the ugly fight in the NBA last night. It’s all over the TV here.

For those of you who missed it, Ron Artest of the Pacers has been a ticking time bomb for the past three years. Last night he went postalrunning into the stands after fans who threw a drink on him after he and Ben Wallace got in a fight on the court. The Pistons fans were disgraceful, I’m sure some will be getting visits from the police today.

Now, fans have been getting more and more out of control at games. I’ve heckled players at the Gardenin fact we were yelling at Vince Carter so much one nightthat he didn’t have gameso much he started laughing and shaking his head. Getting into it with the players is part of the fun. However, I can’t imagine what a person thinks when they throw a 24 ounce soda at a guys facethat is insane!

UPDATE: I just watch another video.. some of these fans were thowing bottles according to ESPN. After Artest went into the stands The Pacers were in some real danger.

Of course, even fans with this level of stupidity shouldn’t be attacked. Watching Artest and Jermaine O’Neal punch NBA “fans” in the face was the most disturbing things I’ve seen in professional sports.

The NBA suspended Sprewell for a year for choking his coach, so Artest and Jermain O’Neal are going to have to be suspended for the year there is no other option. They punched fans square in the face. O’Neal’s punch was a running punch that could have killed someone. It’s not like these are regular guysthese are 6’6″ to 7 foot guys who spend all year long in a weight room, and they are punching out 5’9″ fat guys! It was sad, and after seen the videos again scary as hell.

Fan behavior has got to be controlled a little bit better, and I there are players in the NBA that need to have some major character development training.

Sad, sad day for the NBA. Hard to be a fan of the NBA with guys like Artestas talented as he isacting like a thug and asking for a couple of months off to promote a rap CD.

I grew up watching Patrick, Oakley, Barkley, Karl and MJ. Those guys may have been going to strip clubs, gotten in bar fights and played poker the night before a playoff game, but they never beat up fans! They always carried themselves with a lot of class. Heck, Artest makes Rodman look like a saint!

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