2005 Mustang GT Photos & Reviews

Mustang GT Side

Autoblog is the only blog that was able to get their hands on a review copy of the stunning new 2005 Mustang GT (it’s good to be the most read car blog by a factor of 5-10 :-). This past week they have been reviewing it over five days. It’s so cool, they have the audience post comments after each day with the questions and comments incorporated into the next day’s review! You can only do that on a blog.

Actually, come to think of it Autoblog.com is the only car blog out there that even does actual reviews! We’ve done a ton of them check out the search result here!

So, take a minute and check out the five point five days of Mustang at Autoblog: Day 0.5, Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4 and Day 5 in the Mustang. Tons and tons of origional photos as well!

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