Marvel sues City of Heroes?!


I’ve been playing this really sick multiplayer game City of Heroes over the past six months or so. It’s amazing, you build character from thousands of features like superpowers, costume, hair, body size, etc. There are an uncountable number of final outcomes.

Marvel comics is now suing COH because people can create Marvel comics characters from all these possibilities. For example, you can have metal clawslike Wolverineon a character that looks nothing like Wolverine. Then again, Freedy Kruger had metal claws, as did gladiators in ancient Greece and Ninjas in Japan. Does anyone own the right to the metal claws concept?! Perhaps wolverines?

What a stupid lawsuit. As one comment on Joystiq put it:

“What’s next? Marvel suing Crayola because I can use their crayons to draw a picture of “The Hulk”?”

Two other thoughts:

1. Marvel should acquire 50% of COH in exchange for giving them rights to all their characters in COH. That would double the revenue of COH I’m sure. In fact, people might pay and extra $50 for the Marvel expansion pack which would allow you to create characters based on Marvel’s existing library.

2. Up next: Marvel sues individual users in COH for creating their version of Wolverine. The music industry went to the consumer level, so why not have Marvel sue a 12-year old from creating their version of Wolverine?! Heck, I’m going to turn my brother in for drawing Wolverine in his 8th-grade notebook!

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