Vanity Fair Blogs… sort of.

Update: Just got reminded by Nick that Wolcott started blogging a couple of months ago, there is some other new stuff on VF. Point remains the same below.

Another day, another big media company embraces blogging. Today Vanity Fair’s James Wolcott starts blogging, however he makes the classic mistake of not having comments. I’m always shocked out how people miss this very basic point: if you don’t have comment you’re really not a blog.

Sure, Nick doesn’t have comments at his sites, and dropped their comments due to the management issues around comment spam, but the fact remains that if you don’t let non-bloggers comment on your blog you’re not really being transparent. Sure, 1/3rd of all readers are bloggers, but what about the 2/3rds that are not? They don’t get a voice?

If you’re gonna blog, take the time to “deal” with the commentsthose comments are also known as your readers!

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