Mark Cuban gets fined by the NBA for… blogging?!

When Mark and I talked about starting his blog earlier this year I thought “how long will it be before the NBA fines him for blogging?” As any sports fan knows, Mark is an honest guy and he’s been fined by the NBA more then any coach or player (as least that I know of).

Anyway, he just got fined for blogging. His crime? Complaining about the NBA starting their season on election night! I mean, as a huge NBA fan who has owned season tickets to the Knicks and who spends hundreds of dollars a year on my all-NBA Direct TV subscription, I was really upset about this turn of events. We had people over for dinner on election night, and I was sitting there dying because I couldn’t watch some of the huge opening night matchups! Mark says what is on every NBA fans mind and he gets fined?! Makes no sense to me.

Anyway, another first for blogging (a bad first, but a first).

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