Vibrant Media ashamed of themselves.

It’s true.

Vibrant Media is so ashamed of their technology that they won’t even respond to my criticism of it, nor will they debate me as to the merits of their business model.

Shocking, and to a certain extent just plain sad.

If someone questioned what we were doing I would have no problem defending our position. To be honest if we were doing something wrong, or we could do something better, I would be thankful that someone took the time to point that out! In fact, people are calling me out on stuff all the time and I love it! Some of the best suggestions we get are from criticism.

Vibrant Media doesn’t seem to get that, and I know the reason.

Deep in their hearts they know what they are doing is evil and they want to stay under the radar.

They spend all this time trying to recruit bloggers, and then when questioned by those same bloggers like myself, Rafat or Tom they have nothing to say!

I get it, you’ll discuss the product if we sell out, but if we don’t agree with the product you’re silent? Did you guys miss the memo about transparency!??

The lack of communication from Vibrant Media puts them in the class of spyware, spammers and spoofers. Apparently that is where they belong.

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