How important is press?

New York Magazine contacted me a week or two ago to try and bait me into some front page battle with the idea that I was upset that Nick Denton was getting a bunch of press. I told them that press didn’t matter to meheck, I got more press in the dot com era then any one person should get in a lifetime! Besides I told them, what really mattered was not the press, but who was #1 in our categories. At this point in my life I’ll take the love from the readers over the love from the press. They killed the story it seemsI guess I’m getting soft and didn’t say anything agressive enough for them to run with it. Oh well.

Anyway, more press today for my boy Nick. Big ups to to Nick for finally realizing his dream of becoming a pornographerat least according to New Yorker. What next? A porno based on NY’s media elite??!?!

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